Terms for the “Modern flight planning and navigation” 2019 event¬†Deutsch

  1. Definitions
    1. The event – the organized event from September 27 to 29 2019
    2. The organization – the NiftrikAir company that organizes the event
    3. Enrollment – passing on all data to the organization via the registration form
    4. Registration – enrollment including payment for the event
    5. Payment – the complete amount transferred to pay for the services requested through registration and for the event
    6. Proof of registration – after payment you will receive a registration certificate from the organization
    7. Visitors – everyone with a registration certificate
    8. Airport – the airport of Stadtlohn-Vreden
    9. Hotels – the hotels selected by the organization
  2. Cancellation
    1. If you want to cancel after enrollment (and therefore before payment) you can inform the organization via e-mail. There are no further costs involved.
    2. If you wish to cancel the registration no later than 24 September 2019, you can expect a refund of the payment as follows:
      1. Cancellation before September 8 2019: refund of the entire amount minus EUR 25 cancellation costs;
      2. Cancellation between September 8 2019 up to and including September 21 2019: refund of the entire amount minus EUR 100 cancellation costs;
      3. Cancellation between September 21 2019 up to and including September 24 2019: refund of the entire amount minus EUR 150 cancellation costs;
    3. After 24 September you cannot receive a refund in case of cancellation;
    4. Refunds will be paid within 2 weeks of the cancellation.
  3. Hotel shuttle service
    1. The hotel shuttle service (hereinafter: shuttle) is a bus service from the hotels to and from the airport;
    2. The shuttle will travel between the hotels and the airport according to a timetable published after September 24, 2019;
    3. If you have completed your hotel booking at 1 of the hotels before September 8 2019, you can use the shuttle free of charge.
  4. Bad weather
    1. In the event of bad weather on the weekend of the event, the organization has the right to postpone the event;
    2. In the event of postponement, the organization has until October 12 to set a new date for the event;
    3. After the appointment of a new date you are entitled to:
      1. refund of a payment minus EUR 25 administration costs or;
      2. a renewed registration certificate for the delayed event.
  5. Insurance
    1. when using the ForeFlight instruction in your own aircraft (as indicated in the registration) you are responsible for the correct insurance for you, your aircraft, the flight instructor and any passengers.
  6. Flight and simulator instruction
    1. There is a limited amount of slots available for flights on either the simulator or airplane. In case of reaching this limit these instructional flight will be postponed to an agreed date at no extra cost.